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The Second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem
(Reconstructed Scale Model)

Temple.jpg (165698 bytes)

Notice:  This photo is copyrighted by Dennis Bratcher and is not available for public use.  
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A large outdoor scale model of the city of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus, showing one possibility of how the Second Jewish Temple constructed by Herod the Great might have appeared. While we do not have an exact physical description of either Solomon's Temple in the Old Testament, or of Herod's Second Temple built during the first century BC, reconstruction is based on the biblical descriptions that are there combined with what we know of Phoenician architecture of the 10th century BC.  The biblical tradition tells us that Solomon hired Phoenician craftsmen to build the First Temple (1 Kings 5, 7, 9), and it is assumed that the Second Temple was of similar design.

-Dennis Bratcher, Copyright © 2011, Dennis Bratcher, All Rights Reserved
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