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Week 3, Saturday: Joy

James Alan Monck

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Joy to the World

A cradle and a cross
resurrection and return
the first coming and the second

A Christian connects the joy of the birth of Christ with the reality of the death, resurrection, and return of Christ. In Matthew 25:31-46, Christ speaks, not of a salvation by works, but of a salvation that works to meet the needs of people in practical ways.

Christmas is a true time of giving, but, do we give to those whose gift list our name may not appear on?

Our world has many in need today. I would like to suggest some Christmas giving to one of the large groups of people with needs in our society--the elderly.

How about the gift of taking a senior shopping every two weeks for a year? How about the gift of a friendly visit once a week for six months? How about the gift of asking a senior their advice or making a senior feel needed in some other way?

Christ's first coming showed us God's love. The Second Coming of Christ will reveal if we really did get the message. Joy to the world, the Lord has come, let us reveal His love!

~ James Alan Monck
Chico, California, USA

Today's Scripture Readings*
[Psalm 55] [Zechariah 8:9-17] [Revelation 6:1-17] [Matthew 25:31-46]

*These readings are adapted from the Daily Office of the Book of Common Prayer, Year 2.  For Year 1 readings, see Daily Readings, Advent 1.

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