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[Note: This is a working draft of the outline.]

I. Greeting (1:1)

II. Perfection through faith and single-hearted steadfastness (1:2-5)

III. Wealth and those who trust in it fade away (1:9-11)

IV. Temptation is not from God but the enticement of desire (1:12-18)

V. Doing the word which one hears (1:19-27)

VI. Against partiality toward the rich in the Christian assembly (2:1-13)

VII. Faith without works is dead (2:14-26)

VIII. Control the tongue (3:1-12)

IX. Wisdom from above is evident in a life of goodness (3:13-18)

X. Passions are the root of war (4:1-10)

XI. Do not judge or speak evil of one another (4:11-12)

XII. Do not judge or speak evil of one another (4:11-12)

XIII. Human boasts and plans vanish like mist. (4:13-17)

XIV. Woe against the rich who have lived by injustice (3:1-6)

XV. Christians remain patient (5:7-11)

XVI. Against oaths

XVII. Christian prayer anointing the sick; confession and forgiveness (5:13-18)

XVIII. Winning back a sinner brings forgiveness. (5:19-20)

-Dennis Bratcher, Copyright © 2013, Dennis Bratcher, All Rights Reserved
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