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Dennis Bratcher

I. Greeting (1:1-5)

II. The Problem of a Distorted Gospel (1:6-10)

III. Paul's Authority:  The Gospel and the Law(1:11-2: 14)

A. Paul’s conversion and call: the Gospel from Christ (1:11-24)

B. Before the Jerusalem Council: the Gentile mission (2:1-10)

C. Confrontation with Peter: faith over law (2:11-14)

D. Central Truth: Salvation through faith in Christ (2:15-21)

IV. Doctrinal Concerns Arising from Central Truth (3:15-5:1)

A. Galatians experience: Spirit comes by faith not by law (3:1-5)

B. Old Testament example: Promise to Abraham points to justification by faith (3:6-14)

C. Promise is fulfilled in Christ; the law is preparatory  (3:15-20)

D. The law is preparatory (3:21-29)

E. Sonship in Christ: adoption as heirs of promise (4:1-7)

F. A personal plea: do not be re-enslaved to law (4:8-20)

G. Abraham’s two sons: children of promise and freedom  (4:21-5:1)

V. Practical Concerns Arising from Central Truth (5:2-6:10)

A. Freedom in Christ: love not law (5:2-15)

A. Life in the Spirit: fruit of the Spirit np works of the flesh (5:16-26)

B. The law of Christ: do good to all (6:1-10)

VI. Summary Conclusion (6:11-18)

-Dennis Bratcher, Copyright © 2013, Dennis Bratcher, All Rights Reserved
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