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Acts of the Apostles

[Note: This is a working draft of the outline.]

I. Prologue (1:1-5)

II. Commission and ascension (1:6-11)

III. Earliest days of the community in Jerusalem (1:12-8:1)

A. Successor to Judas chosen (1:12-26)

B. Pentecost and Peter’s sermon (2:1-41)

C. Life in fellowship (2:42-47)

D. Healing and Peter’s sermon (3:1-26)

E. Arrest and witness before the council (4:1-22)

F. Church life, Ananias and Sapphira (4:23-5:16)

G. Miraculous escape and witness before the Council (5:17-42)

H. Appointment of Greek leaders as deacons (6:1-7)

I. Martyrdom of Stephen (6:8-8:1)

IV. Christianity spreads in Judea and Samaria (8:2-12:25)

A. Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch (8:4-40)

B. Paul’s conversion (9:1-31)

C. Healings by Peter (9:32-43)

D. Conversion of Cornelius: Holy Spirit to Gentiles (10:1-48)

E. Peter defends conversion of Gentiles in Jerusalem (11:1-18)

F. Church at Antioch (11:19-30)

G. Persecution by Herod Agrippa, and his death (12:1-24)

V. Barnabas and Paul’s First Missionary Journey (12:25-15:41)

A. Cyprus, Pisidian Antioch, Iconium, Lystra (12:25-14:28)

B. Jerusalem council: Conditions for gentile Christians (15:1-35)

C. Conflict over John Mark (15:36-41)

VI. Paul’s second missionary journey: Asia Minor and Greece (16:1-20:38)

A. Journey to Macedonia (16:1-15)

B. Philippian imprisonment and danger in Thessalonica (16:16-17:15)

C. Paul at Athens (17:16-34)

D. Paul at Corinth (18:1-17)

E. Christianity comes to Ephesus (18:18-21

VII. Paul’s Third missionary journey: strengthening the churches

A. Farewell visits in Asia Minor (18:22-23)

B. Apollos, Priscilla, and Aquila in Ephesus (18:24-28)

C. Paul’s long stay in Ephesus (19:1-41)

D. Paul’s last visit to Greece and journey home (20:1-21:6)

VIII. In Jerusalem: Paul’s imprisonment and testimony (21:7-26:32)

A. Journey to Jerusalem: Prophecy of Paul’s fate (21:7-16)

B. Arrest and defense before the crowd (21:17-22:29)

C. Paul before the council (22:30-23:11)

D. Plot against Paul’s life: Paul taken to Roman governor (23:12-35)

E. Paul’s defense before Felix (24:1-27)

F. Paul’s defense before Festus and appeal to Caesar (25:1-26:32)

IX. Journey to Rome (27:1-28:31)

A. The journey to Malta (27:1-28:10)

B. Paul’s Roman imprisonment (28:11-28:31)

-Dennis Bratcher, Copyright © 2013, Dennis Bratcher, All Rights Reserved
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