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2 Corinthians

[Note:  This is a working draft of the outline. 

I. Greetings (1:1-2)

II. Blessing God for comforting the apostle in his sufferings (1:3-11)

III. Reconciliation between Paul and the Corinthians (1:12-2:13; 7:5-16)

IV. Paul’s ministry: Ambassador for a new covenant (2: 14-6:13; 7:2-4)

A. The apostle relies on God who writes with the Spirit in the hearts of believers (2:14-3:3)

B. The new covenant in the Spirit is not like the Mosaic covenant; it reveals God’s glory (3:4-18)

C. The truth is only hidden from those who do not hear the call to believe (4:1-6)

D. The weakness of the suffering apostle demonstrates the glory of god which we will share in the resurrection (4:7-5:10)

E. Everything the apostle does is to call people to be reconciled with God in Christ (5:11-21)

F. the apostle is even willing to suffer to bring people to Christ (6:1-13; 7:2-4)

V. Fragment on holiness as separation from the world (6:14-7:1), possibly non-Pauline]

VI. Appeals for the Jerusalem collection (chapters 8-9)

VII. Against the "super-apostles" (chapters 10-13)

A. Paul rejects their standard of boasting in human accomplishments (10:1-18)

B. Do not be led astray by their flattery (11:1-6)

C. Against suspicions raised by Paul’s working and the collection (11:7-15)

D. True sign of an apostle is God’s power manifested in suffering and weakness (11:16-12:13)

E. Paul’s love for the Corinthians (12:14-21)

F. Paul’s plan for a third visit to Corinth (13:1-10)

VIII. Final greetings (13:11-14)

-Dennis Bratcher, Copyright © 2013, Dennis Bratcher, All Rights Reserved
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2 Corinthians

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