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1 Timothy

[Note:  This is a working draft of the outline. ]

I. Greeting (1:1-2)

II. Timothy’s task: Maintain apostolic faith against heretics (1:3-20)

A. False teaching and immorality (1:3-11)

B. Thanksgiving for Paul’s conversion (1:12-17)

C. False teachers condemned by the apostle (1:18-20)

III. Specific instructions on community order (2:1-6:19)

A. Prayer for al land proper conduct of men and women (2:1-15)

B. Qualifications for bishops and deacons (3:1-13)

C. Maintain proper behavior in the "household of God" (3:14-16)

D. Reject false teaching: ascetic denial of creation (4:1-4)

E. Timothy’s good example against false teaching (4:6-16)

F. Respect for persons of different ages (5:1-2)

G. Rule for enrolling widows (5:3-16)

H. Rule for treatment of elders (5:17-22)

I. Rules and sayings (5:23-25)

J. Behavior of Christian slaves (6:1-2)

K. Against disputes about teaching (6:3-5)

L. Against greed: Be contented with what you have (6:6-10)

M. Persevere in the "good fight of faith" (6:11-16)

N. To the rich: Trust in God and do good deeds (6:17-19)

IV. Conclusion: Guard what has been entrusted to you (6:20-21)

-Dennis Bratcher, Copyright © 2013, Dennis Bratcher, All Rights Reserved
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1 Timothy

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