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1 John

[Note:  This is a working draft of the outline.]

I. Prologue (1:1-4)

II. Walking in the light (1:5-2:17)

A. God is light (1:5)

B. Freedom from sin (1:6-2:2)

C. Keeping the commandments (2:3-11)

D. Address to three groups (2:12-14)

E. Reject the world (2:15-17)

III. Reject the antichrists (2:18-29)

A. Divisions are a sign of the last hour (2:18-19)

B. Anointing preserves the true faith in the hearers (2:20-27)

C. Confidence at the judgment (2:28-29)

IV. Love as the mark of God’s children (3:1-24)

A. God has made us children now (3:1-10)

B. We must love one another like Christ, not like Cain (3:11-18)

C. Our confidence before God, who is greater than our hearts (3:19-24)

V. Reject the antichrists (4:1-6)

A. They do not confess Jesus (4:1-3)

B. They have not overcome the world (4:4-6)

VI. God is love (4:7-21)

A. Christ has shown God’s love (4:7-12)

B. We know God’s love through the Spirit (4:13-16a)

C. Our confidence: abiding in God’s love (4:16b-21)

VII. Belief in the Son (5:1-12)

A. Faith overcomes the world (5:1-5)

B. Testimony: Son came in water and blood (5:6-12)

VIII. Conclusion (5:13)

IX. Epilogue sayings and rules (5:14-21)

A. Confidence in prayer: God hears our prayers; prayer for sinners (5:14-17)

B. Confidence sayings(5:18-20)

C. Keep from idols (5:21)

-Dennis Bratcher, Copyright © 2013, Dennis Bratcher, All Rights Reserved
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1 John

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